Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's all bitching today

I have subbed the last two days.  Yesterday I was in a third grade room that I've never been in before.  I was only there for the afternoon and because I got there early enough to look over all the notes, I got to talk with the teacher before she left for her meeting.  She was a nice enough lady, maybe 15 years older than me.  The class was finishing up a story about a kid in Harlem.  She had great control of the class, and the kids were nice and respectful so I don't have issues with that.  (In fact to be fair, I shouldn't really judge anyone from watching them for 10 minutes, BUT...)  This is what she said that astounded me: They were talking about this story which takes place in Harlem and some kid in the class asked where Harlem is and she explained that it is in New York and it's a poor neighborhood, probably someplace you wouldn't want to go because it's dangerous.  She said it had a lot of poverty.  Some other kid asked what poverty was.  She said, " dirt and litter all over the place."  What???  That's what poverty is?  Come ON, LADY!  The story they were reading was called "Me and my friend Max" or something like that. She asked the class, "What is wrong with this title? And they said that it should be, "My friend Max and I" to be proper English. She said that it's okay though because it's a title and people there don't speak very well. WHAT???  I just stood there dumbfounded that this woman would paint such a horrible and racist picture for a (an) historic place like Harlem.  If she doesn't know what it's like shouldn't she say, "I don't know much about Harlem.  Let's look it up."  I was tempted to blurt out "WHAT ABOUT THE GLOBETROTTERS, LADY!"

Today I'm subbing in a class that I've been in a lot, and there is a student teacher and she is in charge today.  Every morning they go over 5 vocab words.  She mispronounced two of them.  Oh jeez, come on, these are FIFTH GRADE VOCAB WORDS!  The ones she mispronounced were compartmentalize and irrepressible. 

Why don't I have a job?  Am I WORSE than this?  I don't think so.  I mean I know I make mistakes, but not glaring ones like painting whole neighborhoods of cities with a racist brush and mispronouncing common assigned vocabulary words.  Maybe I need to apply for jobs to get one.  Hmmm.

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