Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Children Are Deadly Dangerous

Today I gave Kira five dollars for school carnival tickets. I handed her the bill and looked away from her. She took it and then said, "Oh, I love the smell of money." I looked back at her and she had this filthy, disgusting bill pressed against her face and she was breathing it in.

She also told me that on the bus after school, the kids have an ongoing Mercy tournament. You know, it's that game where two kids grab hands and try to hurt the other by bending their knuckles back. So they go from one kid to the next, clasping filthy, sweaty palms. Then I just know that every kid in the tournament goes home and the first thing they do (after grabbing the door handle that everyone in the family touches) is grab the refrigerator door handle looking for a snack and then they rifle through your FOOD.

Today I overheard a kid in my class say to another kid, "Last night I put 47 pennies in my mouth." Apparently he thinks he could fit in more, but 47 was all he had to work with. You know, you ARE going to get one of those pennies as change sometime, don't you?

And none of them wash their hands after they use the bathroom unless I'm standing there watching, and make them go back in to do it.

If I can get through the next few months without getting the swine flu, it will be a miracle.

This is biological warfare, people! We have to fight against all the children that are trying to kill us! I think I will start carrying around a can of Lysol and a hepa mask. And a club.

My class

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Craziness

Today while subbing for fifth graders, when I went to the cafeteria to pick them up from lunch they were getting totally reemed out by the other fifth grade teacher for being obnoxious during lunch time. Apparently they wouldn't listen to the lunch monitor and somebody threw some food so they had to sit in the lunch room for an extra ten minutes and get a very long, very humbling lecture.

During the lecture, one girl from my class was whispering to me, trying desperately to get my attention. "Mrs. Lindahl... MRS. LINDAHL..." I noticed her but I ignored her. She kept it up. I thought maybe somebody next to her might be having a seizure or be choking to death so I acknowledged her and she asked me in a loud whisper,

"What are those long things in fried rice?"

And then she looked at me like having the answer was a matter of life and death. I said, "... um...what?" and she repeated herself slower with careful enunciation:

"What... are those long things.... in fried rice?"

It was so surreal. I avoided the question by pointing to the other fifth grade teacher and shushing her like any good teacher would, but I couldn't stop thinking about that all day. Why was she thinking of fried rice right then? What are the long things in fried rice that she was thinking of? Carrot slivers? Sprouts?

I might have to pull her aside tomorrow and ask her. It's driving me crazy.

Also today Sam said something very weird. He said, "You know how when somebody pulls one over on you, you say 'touché'" I said, "...yes..." and he said, "Well, when you fool yourself do you say 'oneshay?" Mitch and I both said, "Yes. Yes you do." Just kidding, we didn't. We said, "No, you stupid idiot, don't you know French?" No we didn't.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working Girl

I got a two week sub job at my favorite school for one of my favorite classes. Yay for me! The teacher is out because she developed a lung infection from all the cement dust floating around the school because of all the construction. So what if I'm only a substitute teacher, earning hardly any pay and having no health benefits and I'm working full-time in an environment that has already proven to be a health hazard. So? It's worth it, isn't it?

Other than the risk of developing Black Lung, the job is pretty sweet. Beautiful room, nice kids, easy-to-follow curriculum; and the best part is that they are studying US history in the 1800s for Social Studies! I think Dr. Quinn may have to make an appearance! Lucky lucky kids.

My class

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not the best day I've ever had

I thought I dodged getting the beginning-of-the-school-year crud that the kids bring home every year, because they brought it home about a month ago on their filthy hands. But I've got it now. They think that if they take a shower and wash their hair, their hands are clean enough to not wash until the next shower. Why are kids so gross that way?

Anyway, it feels like someone yanked me by the tongue and turned me slightly inside out and then worked over my throat-meat with a Garden Weasel.

Garden Weasel

And I keep hacking up these disgustingly hard teeny-tiny phlegm balls and when they come up they sit on my tongue and then I panic because should I swallow them? Should I spit? (I usually spit. Usually.) They don't seem like they are quite body temperature so, you know, gross. I hope I'm better by tomorrow because I am supposed to work. I got called to work this morning but I said no. Little tip for all the teachers out there needing subs: When you leave your message of instructions on the sub recording thingy, don't end by saying, "Good Luck, you'll need it!" because no sub is going to ever take that job.