Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Graders

I subbed in first grade today and they have all the cuteness of kindergarteners, but none of the bizarre volatility. I was pretty confident that nobody's back pockets were driving them to distraction, like the kindergarten girl yesterday. They are definitely weird, but in a funny entertaining way, not in an "oh my god, this kid is going to have a melt-down because of her back pockets" kind of way.

One girl told me she likes to chase the boys on the playground and then throw them into pretend jail. (been there, done that) She said when she catches them they scream. She said, "You wanna hear how they scream?" We were in the hallway at the time so I told her NOT to scream. She said, "Oh, I can do it with my mouth shut - like this:" And she screamed an ultra-sonic high pitched scream with her mouth shut. Surprisingly loud, but I must say, pretty entertaining.

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