Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not the best day I've ever had

I thought I dodged getting the beginning-of-the-school-year crud that the kids bring home every year, because they brought it home about a month ago on their filthy hands. But I've got it now. They think that if they take a shower and wash their hair, their hands are clean enough to not wash until the next shower. Why are kids so gross that way?

Anyway, it feels like someone yanked me by the tongue and turned me slightly inside out and then worked over my throat-meat with a Garden Weasel.

Garden Weasel

And I keep hacking up these disgustingly hard teeny-tiny phlegm balls and when they come up they sit on my tongue and then I panic because should I swallow them? Should I spit? (I usually spit. Usually.) They don't seem like they are quite body temperature so, you know, gross. I hope I'm better by tomorrow because I am supposed to work. I got called to work this morning but I said no. Little tip for all the teachers out there needing subs: When you leave your message of instructions on the sub recording thingy, don't end by saying, "Good Luck, you'll need it!" because no sub is going to ever take that job.

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